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This course presents an in depth material in the field of realistic human skin texture. A large list of topics are covered in 20 video lectures, that range from theory of skin types and colors all the way through creating a complete character map set from scratch inside the wide adopted The Foundry’s MARI 3d painting software. By the end of this course, students will be able to produce industry standard high quality textures, being fully capable of adapting knowledge acquired on the lectures to their own CG models.



The Standard Version is aimed at students willing to learn the basics on how to construct high quality maps. All 20 lessons are available in this package.

Here is the complete list of features:

  • Instructor Monitoring
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  • Lesson Updates
  • 2 CG models download
  • 20 Online Lessons
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Check also: Deluxe and Premium versions.

Section 1Theory Lectures
Lecture 1Storytelling with SkinFree Preview

Storytelling with Skin


This is a conceptual lesson that will give students a foundation on the skin color theory, characteristics and variations present in cultures across the world.

Lecture 2The 4 types of skin
Section 2Practical and Technical Lectures
Lecture 3Introduction to MARI
Lecture 4Texture Cleaning and PreparationFree Preview

Texture Cleaning and Preparation


How to prepare textures to be used inside Mari. Cleaning highlights and producing an albedo like texture.

Lecture 5Bit Depths
Lecture 6Diffuse Map
Lecture 7Shallow SSS Map
Lecture 8Mid SSS Map
Lecture 9Deep SSS Map
Lecture 10Deep Mask
Lecture 11Primary Specular Map
Lecture 12Secondary Specular Map
Lecture 13Glossy Map
Lecture 14Bump Map
Lecture 15Displacement textures
Lecture 16Displacement Map
Section 3Eyes
Lecture 17Eyes Diffuse Map
Lecture 18Eyes Specular Map
Lecture 19Eyes Bump Map
Section 4Bonus Content
Lecture 20Rendering in Arnold and Softimage - Brief Overview
Lecture 21Resource Files