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A low cost solution.
13 Feb 2016

Mari Indie – A low cost solution

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Mari Indie is a low cost solution for those who intend to add Mari into their pipelines. Comparing to the full version, with price ranging around the US$ 2,000, Indie version is a real money saver.

Of course it comes with some limitations, but if you are just starting it should be an excellent choice. Indie is mainly a tool aimed at game artists, however it is still possible to make good use of it for personnal work for example.

The version restrictions can raise some doubts between the people interested in buying it, like for example, the fact that it has the maximum number of imported objects limited to 3. This can be easily wourkarounded by merging objects together, once submeshes quantity is unlimited. Another workaround would be to split the objects into different Mari Indie files, so that you can paint each object separately.

Other limitations of Mari Indie are: Python script and custom shaders not available, export file formats limited to PSD, PNG, TGA and JPG only (unfortunatelly it does not support EXR, TIF and HDR file formats). Added to that, each object supports only 6 UDIM patches and file resolution for exported channels is limited to 4k and 8 bits per channel.

At a first look, it may be seen like very restrictive limitations, but we had so many positive feedbacks from our students, saying it’s well worth the economy, and that the limitations are not that bad. So for those willing to ingress in the world of Mari texture painting, this is surelly a nice option!

I hope this could clear your doubts about Mari Indie, and feel free to leave us a comment if this post was of any help for you!

*The content present here does not have in any way commercial means, it is only intended to inform our students about alternatives and economy packages for softwares they could use in our courses.

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